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it's all about me mE ME!

JUST eIgHtEEn. lOl
iTe coLLegE eAsT
shOrt-tErmEd meMorY

sImpLiLy aDoReS <33

mY favE la pi xiao xiN!
i lIkE EvErYthIng NIce n SwEEtie!(:
cHocolatEs r CooL!
i lurve fOod!
enJoy SeEe aErOPlane flY! whEEEee~
hoPes to always see smiLes!
pooling, billard, shopping movies n sum' sports r my kInd!
EnJoys lazzEe-neSS =X


i PracTiCally hatE evErytHIng tt makEs mI sAd. boo!

wish upon a sUn?

i wish i wish i wish i would neber have to cry again!


ChEe Yao
JiA Wen
Jia Li
K yOng
xIn yu
zi kUAn
sweet whispers


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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

luck has been running a lil low these days. u would wanna believe wad happened to me. i lost my phone and i dropped another into de toilet bowl. lol. century joke eh! no laughing! de phone jus went into de toilet bowl itself. wanted a desperate swim. LOL. got a new phone w910i. its was cool. thought of getting it long tym actually. =) anywys after which proceeded on to prawning! hehe! da tou xia.

mermorable was here at Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

fOlks! JESSICA did de bravest crzy thing of her life. well as least she thinks it is? lol. i permed my hair. it took me like 2 hours at reds at bugis. while sitting there, de ht clips and chemical goes vainly thru my hair. turning de straight natural hair into curly monster! lol. im SO not used to it. poor me!

mermorable was here at Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Friday, January 11, 2008

heerrssttoorryy. something event place u would wanna be at. the night was nice. met many peeps. many friends went over dat night. cnt help but to really see the world is really a small circle. everyone seems to knoe each other. looking forward to the nxt event! =)http://bl121w.blu121.mail.live.com/mail/ReadMessageLight.aspx?Action=ScanAttachment&AllowUnsafeContentOverride=False&AttachmentIndex=1&AttachmentDepth=1&FolderID=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001&InboxSortAscending=False&InboxSortBy=Date&IsMessageSafe=True&MessageCodePage=20127&ReadMessageId=84f3aae7-a323-49b3-a920-c1bd88cce607&n=1629070648

mermorable was here at Friday, January 11, 2008

Sunday, December 30, 2007

party besties at it agaiN! we headed over to luner with bel's sis and her friends. her friends were quite friendly thou. i was kinda blur wen i got into the place. its filled with chinese pop/ rock music. infested with many china peeps. crowded. walls hang up with many naked pictures. they were interesting thou. nice ambience. just didnt really get used to the music and stuff. after which headed over to thai pub. had to save plex from gred's excessive drinking. lol.

mermorable was here at Sunday, December 30, 2007

Saturday, December 08, 2007

hee. guess wads the most fun thing a youngster should do? well,. if cos it is to enjoy eh! the playful bunch of us went over to zoukout. i almost died while waiting for the party to start. situations are like damn hot. damn i couldnt put up de hp photos or not theres more to memory. anyways, the gigantic party held at siloso beach allowed me to open to meyes to many specific interesting stuff. one of which. guys peeping at de fencing. thou de toilet's super dirty bbut. plz! ppl are ard. and i think i got how sex on the beach got its crazy name. the night was fun and crazy. met lots of friends over. super intertesting. shy me, got stripped. oops. lol. by my bestie qiu. she's high on drink. grr.. but the night was cool filled with loud music and many many diff dancing. a night tt u wouldnt wanna miss. but one thing i must indicate! i was damn hungry. the food queeue was like lots of hungry pigs. party went on til bright daylights . we left at 7 plus. with music stil blasting thru our eye drums. bad part. i got sick. head filled with irritating bees killing my entire body, left hm straight

mermorable was here at Saturday, December 08, 2007